Start of Something New

On December 25, in Deerfield Beach, Florida, a star was born. Ebony Holman would begin her music career at the age of 12, writing rhymes and recording several songs on the side. Considering the fact that she would rather be called “Mz. E Baby”, no one knew the talent that was being produced behind closed doors.

Mz. E Baby joined forces with 3rd Court Records, an Indie label out of Broward County, FL operated by family members, where she would record several songs with her label mates, hoping that one day someone would realize how serious she was about her music career. As time progress, she would record IMG_7458Eher first club smash titled “So Fresh” featuring C-Coop Produced by BeatMonsterz, this track that was once an instrumental, turned  into a masterpiece that would be heard by many across the world. After getting thousands of plays within the first week, “So Fresh” would be the single that would take Mz. E Baby’s music career to the next level. Performing “So Fresh” at several colleges and festivals, this was only the beginning. With the opportunity of a lifetime, Mz. E Baby dreams started to become a reality. Opening up for several artists such as Casely, Trill Ent. & Lil’ Boosie, she would catch the attention of others, rather it was at the club or the school-house, rocking the crowd with her presence and swagger.

Focusing on bigger and better things, Mz. E Baby has been working hard to further her career in the entertainment industry. She has been grinding hard to gain the respect she deserves as a female rapper trying to break into the industry. With many new projects on the way, Mz. E Baby IMG_7464Eis more than ready to show the industry her unique style of talent. “I am a one of a kind rapper. I love dancing and just having fun with my performances and getting the crowd into it. I have no doubt that I will stand out amongst the other talented female artists in the industry. As I get older I get wiser. I am very focus on what I want in my music and in life, feeling like I can do anything I put my mind too. Through all of the ups and downs that I’ve been through, I’m not going to let anyone stop me from accomplishing my goals. My mom always taught me to be all that I can be and no matter what never let any one tell me what I can and cannot do. Because of her, I am who I am today.” She is now looking to take her career to the next level.

Besides staying focus, she has made a promise to herself, with several successful singles and major magazines features, she will not stop until she proves to the world that she is THE NEXT SUPERSTAR! “I want to make a permanent mark on the music industry and I will be known for my success and achievements.”